Advocacy is a method that constitutes the axis of all activities of YUVA. While YUVA creates small models of a more sustainable world, it also carries out activities to convince the decision-makers to take an actions towards the same direction. We are aware that our work will not solve all the problems related to poverty, education, human rights or environment. Therefore, we need our solutions to be implemented by authorized institutions on a larger scale.

YUVA according to the specific of the topic, YUVA implements the advocacy activities targeting local authorities, state institutions or international organizations, or supports local movements implementing such activities. YUVA raises the social issues on the basis of common values of all living things build around scientific data, human rights and rights of nature and brings solutions to this problems. Such solution proposals may include policy changes, new legislation, new investment decisions or changes in investment decisions, or changes in the quality and quantity of services of authorized institutions.

Our advocacy activities are carried out using different approaches, such as direct negotiations, influencing public opinion through various communication channels or events, networking and all other peaceful methods.