Co-Work project is jointly managed by GIZ – German International Cooperation Agency, municipalities and YUVA. Starting in 2016 and now operating in four provinces (Hatay – Kırıkhan, Gaziantep – Nizip, Mersin – Akeniz, Mezitili, Istanbul – Avcılar), the project aims at taking effective measure in order to provide means of subsistence to Syrian refugees and Turkish citizens in need. In addition, host municipalities providing services to general public also receive support. In the regions encompassed by the project, workers of Turkish and Syrian origins are given opportunities to work together, which strengthens social cohesion.

Turkish citizens and persons under the Temporary Protection Status of Syrian origin are given employment in the maintenance of municipal parks and gardens or cleaning. Since July 2016, within the scope of the Co-Work project, in total 535 persons have been employed.