Naturally Young!

Naturally Young! Ecological Literacy Project is Turkey’s first ecological literacy project for young people carried out in partnership with Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) and Yuva Association. Being ecologically literate means having the ability to understand ecosystems and environmental cycles that support life and to act in order to protect them. Young people who participate in a week-long Ecological Literacy Trainer Training on an ecological farm in Kazdağları, obtain knowledge of sustainable and environmentally friendly living, which later they pass onto their peers through two-days long fun and interactive training program. Within the scope of the project, a total of 64 dissemination trainings were organized in many cities such as Tunceli, Ankara, Samsun, Bandırma, Van, Izmir, Antalya and Trabzon between 2013 and 2016 and a total of 1383 participants gained ecological literacy. In addition, for the first time in August 2015, a total of 97 people, including young people and experts in the field, participated in the Ecological Youth Camp for four days, discussing issues such as energy and agriculture policies, climate change, local challenges and water rights. To reduce ecological footprint of the camp, young people abstained from meat and consumed crops grown using local seeds and used only public transport.