YUVA believes that children, youth and adults have a right to education and lifelong learning. Within the “Needs Oriented Education Support Program” by designing alternative and diverse education venues we create a safe, peace-enhancing and pluralistic space for participants to use their creativity and feel as a part of the learning process. YUVA’s goal is to transfer its holistic and inclusive approach aiming to provide the equal opportunities in access to education into child, youth and adult friendly education programs.

The training approach is based on learning models that take into account the different motivations and learning processes of each age group. As we support the opinion that learning process differs according to the region and the dynamics of the participant group. As the basic element of the learning process we consider the dialogue between participants and trainers through which they together gain the knowledge.

The education program is built around the following concepts:

  • Creating the environment that enhances and supports the participation,
  • Considering the trainer as the leader of learning process
  • Developing the programs on the basis of prior knowledge, interests and needs of participants and revising them periodically
  • Benefiting from non-formal education methods,
  • Development of life skills,
  • Creation of active learning process,
  • Continuous evaluation and feedback in the learning environment,
  • Knowledge structuring
  • Facilitating the access to the education of individuals under the risk
  • Tackling with situations when access to education is hampered by the lack of knowledge and information
  • Strengthening the life skills of children and young people through Turkish language learning,
  • Strengthening the peaceful coexistence of Turkish and Syrian people through Arabic language education;
  • Prepare children and young people to live and communicate in the intercultural world through English language training
  • Increasing the relationships among children at school and in everyday life,
  • Providing an access to safe, participatory and inclusive spaces in order to remove the educational deficiencies,
  • Supporting social participation and harmony by creating pluralistic environments for Syrian and Turkish children and young people,
  • Supporting social developments through providing of out-of-school and lifelong learning opportunities

YUVA carries out its work in Community Centers, Children and Youth Centers, Vocational Skills Develpoment Centers, mobil education facilities and vehicles.

The Education Support Modules Being Currently Implemented in the Education Centers:

  • School Support Education Program
  • Skills Development Workshops
  • Non-formal Education Program